Northeast Kingdom Byway Side Trips & Tours

Side Trips

While not a formal part of the recognized Byway we have developed four side trip itineraries for those looking to extend their travels and venture off the main corridor.  Going south to north, the first side trip (the Southern Kingdom Side Trip) branches off from St. Johnsbury and goes through Danville, Walden, Cabot, Marshfield, Groton, Ryegate, Barnet and Peacham.  The Central Kingdom Side Trip branches off north of Willoughby Lake starting in Brownington to then include Orleans, Irasburg, Albany, Craftsbury, Hardwick, Greensboro, Glover and Barton. The Northeastern Kingdom Side Trip begins in West Charleston and sends travelers to explore the towns of Island Pond (Brighton), Bloomfield, Canaan, Averill, Norton, Morgan, and Derby.  The final trip, The Northwestern Kingdom Side Trip, begins in Newport and goes through the towns of Troy, North Troy, Jay, MontgomeryCenter, Lowell and Westfield.


Byway Tours

Additionally, we have created a collection of tourism along the byway main corridor for those interested in specific byway offerings.