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Enjoy a gallery of stunning photographs used to create the new website.

A Little About the Photographers Who Contributed to our Site...


Paul O. Boisvert

Paul O. Boisvert is an award-winning photographer who is often referred to as the "premier Vermont photographer." He is known for his freelance magazine photography. His work can be seen in the Northeast Kingdom Travel Planner, Time Magazine, and Vermont Life Magazine among many other publications. As the main person in his stock photography agency, he focuses on Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont doing scenic landscape photography and digital art photography. The latest in Nikon digital cameras allows Paul to capture various images, such as action photos, portraits, and documentary photography. Paul uses a panoramic camera to provide high quality scenic and nature photography. Website:

Dennis Curran

Dennis Curran has been living and photographing in Vermont for over thirty years. An avid sports enthusiast, he participates in almost all of the sports he shoots and he finds this experience invaluable. The majority of his work is in marketing, advertising, catalog, editorial, portrait, and wedding photography. His work can be seen in many catalogs, websites and magazines including the Northeast Kingdom Travel Planner, Vermont Life, and Travel & Leisure among many others.

“I take every shoot as a challenge. To me the creative use and control of light is what makes an exceptional photograph. I try to learn from every shooting session and my years of experience in the field has been the best teacher. Even when I'm confident that I have captured a shot I will try a few more angles. I relish the chance to be creative and try something different. The results are worth the extra effort. I always have the same 'I can't wait to see the results feeling' I experienced when I shot my first roll of film.” – Dennis Curran. Website:

Mike Hardiman

Mike Hardiman is a well known photographer whose images of Vermont, New England, the Great Lakes, and beyond can be found on many websites and in publications such as the Northeast Kingdom Travel Planner and Vermont Life. He is known for his scenic photography capturing the landscapes of both city and rural life.


Mark Picard

Mark Picard, a self taught wildlife and nature photographer, has been capturing images for over 30 years - specializing in his exquisite work on Moose. He is noted for his creativity in the field; not only in composition and lighting, but also in his use of equipment, blinds, and knowledge of animal behavior.

His images have appeared in numerous national and international publications, books, and calendars, including Audubon, Sierra Club, Northern Woodlands, Northeast Kingdom Travel Planner, Vermont Magazine, and many others. He also shows his work at his gallery, Moose Prints Gallery & Gifts, in Millinocket, Maine.

Mark also presents educational programs and digital slide shows to many schools, camera clubs, and nature organizations. He leads personalized photo group workshops/tours and individual one on one instruction in the North Woods of upstate Maine as well as local photo workshops. Website:

Mike McCormack

Mike McCormack is a self-taught artist and professional photographer. Originally from Southern Connecticut, he moved to Northern New England in the summer of 1994 and has remained here since. He has spent well over a decade traveling the highways & byways of this magnificent region of the world searching for inspiration and beauty through the lenses of his beloved cameras. His work reflects his reverence for nature, while at the same time displays his fascination with the architecture & drama of the urban landscape. His work will soon be featured in a book about Vermont’s covered bridges, due to be published in 2011 by Schiffer Books.

"Photography has given me a voice that would have otherwise remained silent. I picked up the camera hoping to capture a few beautiful landscapes to hang on my walls, and over many years of quiet persistence I wound up gaining an identity in the process"
-Mike McCormack, Website:

Robert C. Jenks

Robert C. Jenks, Master Photographer, Craftsman is a 4th generation photographer keeping the family-run business going. The business was established in 1886 by Robert’s great-grandfather, William H. Jenks. Robert graduated from Culinary Arts School in 1979 and didn’t feel like heading to work in a hot kitchen, so he started working for his dad and never stopped. Robert took over the business in 1986 following in the footsteps of his ancestors. Robert has a love for black & white images and hopes ‘someday’ in the future to only shoot black & white.

To the best of our current knowledge, Robert owns the oldest family run studio in the United States. Other photographers may have been in business longer, but have sold out to non-family members.

“Photographers have it so easy today. Think about what it was like in the late 1800’s, having to paint your own emulsion on a piece of glass, loading it in holders, shooting, hoping it wouldn’t break, hand processing and contact printing. Imagine no enlargers. If you wanted an 8x10, you shot with an 8x10 camera and printed contact. 5x7 would mean a 5x7 camera and 4x5, a 4x5 camera. I own an 11x14 wood, glass plate camera that my great grandfather shot with. A friend has a lens that fits this camera, and together we call ourselves “The Bellows Brothers”. We have done some shooting with this camera. We’ve been humbled quickly and blown away by the 11x14 contact prints. Black & white is very real. Color is only a 75 to 100 year phase, which will fade away (well, maybe someday). My darkroom is a playground and I’ve only started to play….The future will be fun!” – Robert Jenks, Website:

NEK Photo

NEK Photo is a digital multi-media collective association of experienced professionals and local artists who know the essence of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. They understand the unique characteristics that make our rolling hills and communities so appealing. The NEK offers peace and tranquility in nature's four season playground. All of their work strives to capture the special features of Northern Vermont's people and places. Website:


Image Gallery