Belvidere Mountain

Lowell, VT

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The open-deck summit fire tower on Belvidere Mountain (elev. 3360') shows one of the nicest views in northern Vermont. Reach the summit by several trails, most notably the Long Trail from the south. A second route north of Eden Mills, climbs from the northeast using the Frank Post Trail, the Long Trail and the Forester's Trail and makes a pleasant day hike. To complete the Frank Post-Forester's Loop: From the parking area, at terminus of Tillotson Rd. approx. 5.0 miles, it passes junction with Forester's Trail on left, climbs old grade, follows then crosses Lockwood Brook and reaches 1930s Buchanan-style Tillotson Camp. From there, take the Long Trail south past Lockwood Pond (a beaver meadow) to trail junction at Belvidere saddle, short spur east to summit and fire tower on Belvidere. From junction turn northeast to Forester's trail, around switchbacks to the junction with Frank Post Trail then back to the trailhead. SUMMARY: Frank Post Trail to Tillotson Camp, approx. 2.0 mi., 1 3/4 hours. (Rev. 1hr.); Tillotson Camp to Belvidere Junction, approx. 2.8 mi., 2 hrs.; Belvidere Junction to Frank Post Trail via Forester's Trail, approx. 3.0 mi., 1 1/2 hr. (Rev. 2 1/2). Frank Post-Foresters Loop, approx. 8.0mi., 5.0 hrs.